Bezos Goes Web 2.0 Wild’s CEO is testing the Web 2.0 waters with a series of internet-related investments.He backed search engine ChaCha’s in its $6 million Series A investment round through Bezos Expiditions this past week.

Amazon, through Amazon NV Investment Holdings, invested in Wikia’s $10 million Series B in December, presumably to help the for-profit sister of Wikipedia launch its Wikisari search engine.

Jeff Bezos is a limited partner in O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures (OATV) a firm formed as a partner to book publisher and Web2.0 Summit convener O’Reilly Media. Bezos is one of the 19 investors that have pooled $34.3 million toward OATV’s first fund through Explore Holdings, an investment fund run by his executive assistant Elizabeth Korrell.

Explore Holdings was also an investor in iRobot’s (Nasdaq:IRBT) $10 million Series F in 2004. Bezos is also invested in aerospace company Blue Origin.


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