Yes, Virginia, VCs Still Blog

We at peHUB central have noticed lately that some VCs have allowed cyber dust to collect on their blogs, as some have not posted their thoughts online in months.

Has the bloom fell off the blogging rose? Has Twitter, and its 140 characters of brevity, replaced blogging?

Definitely, the “aura is off the medium,” says Gerry Langeler, managing director of OVP Venture Partners. But blogging hasn’t gone the way of the rotary dial telephone just yet.

Langeler and OVP began its blog in late June, featuring posts by Langeler and his fellow team members, as well as guest columnists. Langeler says the big upside for him is that it does away with the firm’s quarterly newsletter, which rested solely on his shoulders.

“Our challenge; Be valuable, relevant and consistent.  We’ll know in six months to a year whether we were up to it,” Langeler says

Meanwhile, Pascal Levensohn, founder and managing partner of Levensohn Venture Partners, has been consistently blogging since 2004, and he says that he averages at least one post a week. His latest blog post that he put up today is worth reading, as he takes a look at regulations and the IPO market.

“It has been interesting to track the evolution of the core blog content over time as my own focus shifts and as current affairs drive what we all find interesting and want to share with others,” Levensohn says.


  • In case you want to do a detailed investigation of the tempo of VC Blogging, I’ve been “managing” a VC Blogger Network at for a while. I’ve got a bunch of VC bloggers on it (including the ones that – ahem – haven’t blogged since sometime in 2008).

    For the VC bloggers out there that are outraged that they aren’t on the blogroll / in the network, just email me – – and I’ll set you up.

  • Thanks for reading, Brad. And thanks for the helpful link.
    In the interest of keeping my post short, I didn’t refer to the VC Blogger Network, nor did I have the space to mention that you and a few others regularly tweet and blog. And that, ahem, some appear to have other things to do than blog.

  • Hi guys — I did a pretty comprehensive survey of the VC blogging universe earlier this year for my client, Shareholder Representative Services. My estimate is that there are about 65 VCs whose blogs I deemed “current,” a very liberal standard meaning that they had posted once or twice in 2009 when I did the survey (April 09). I found another 20 that I labeled “sort of current” meaning that they had blogged some in mid/late 2008, and then another 10 that I deemed “dead” because they hadn’t blogged in 08 or 09. More importantly, I found that very few blog more frequently than once a month, and even fewer really blog on meaningful VC topics. Brad Feld and Jason Mendelson’s blog and Paul Kedrosky’s blog stand out in this category.

    FWIW, the guys at SRS have recently started a blog and are currently blogging a lot about both post-closing issues (their area) and VC in general — only time will tell if they can keep it up. Here’s the link:

  • Hi, Jon. Thanks for reading and thanks for the comments. Those are some interesting numbers to consider.

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