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Cofee* Q&A with Richard Levin, president of Yale University, on the economy and Yale’s endowment.

* Meredith Whitney: The credit crunch is tightening for small businesses.

* Ex-Northern Rock chief Adam Applegarth has landed a senior advisor gig with Apollo Management, proving that private equity is still the last refuge for corporate scoundrels.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower ahead of jobs data, London falls, European shares hit 4-week low, the Nikkei keeps sinking and Hong Kong shares drop 2.8%.

* Are we poised for a return of IPO spinning?

* Common excuses from a business reporter who misses a story. If you need a real-life example, here’s one from this week.

* Michael Greeley visits China, and gets reminded why its institutional investors aren’t necessarily rushing to invest in U.S. venture capital firms.

* Rep. Michelle Bachman — a woman who proves the maxim about how our government was designed by geniuses to be run by idiots — chooses to ask Ben Bernanke about ACORN.

* Strip poker for day traders:

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  • And why shouldn’t Bernanke be called on to discuss the banking industry’s craven, liberal fascist, long-term alliance with liberal housing groups? Together, the community organizers, their sponsoring politicians and the Fed (in charge of the banks, which have been “public-private partnerships” since the inception of the Fed) blew the housing bubble and destroyed the world economy.

    Or shall we be deferent to Bernanke, “eminent economists,” and “ownership society” and “housing justice” politicians that drove us off the cliff? Let’s give them a chance to get it right? Can I fit any more “scare quotes” in this comment?

    Let’s see: Bachmann, or Barney Frank/Chris Dodd/Tim Geithner/Hank Paulson/Ben Bernanke/Alan Greenspan/John McCain/George W. Bush/Barack Obama. Bachmann or the collected tools of the FIRE economy (finance, insurance, real estate).

    Bachmann for president.

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