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* Mark Suster: What’s it like being a venture capitalist?

* Jim McTague: FINRA must heal itself before receiving added responsibilities

* The No Prick Rule: “Hire the good, humble, kind human being first … skill-set second.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures look flat, London opens higher, European shares climb, the Nikkei gains 0.3% and Hong Kong shares jump nearly 2%.

* Nick Hasell: Have London’s listed private equity firms turned a corner?

* Kevin Kelleher: The spark that could ignite Web M&A

* ABI Research: RFID market to reach $5.35 billion this year, and $8.25 billion by 2014

* Steve Rosenbaum: “Curation, whether accidental or intentional, is rapidly becoming the future of media and publishing.”

* David Biello: “The Bloom box makes no economic sense whatsoever without various government subsidies, particularly a federal tax credit paired with incentives from the state of California.”

* Tweet of the Day: @EpicureanDeal I have always had a bias toward survivorship. I find it much more convenient than the alternative.

* Tweet of the Day II: @carney Here’s one reason you cannot give law students a “practical education”–If they knew what the work was like they would drop out.

* Never expected to see my uncle quoted in a story about Chatroulette.

* Felix Salmon on link-phobic bloggers at the NYT and WSJ.

* Could Apax still take Tommy Hilfiger public?

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  • Could you fix the link to the following bullett: The No Prick Rule: “Hire the good, humble, kind human being first … skill-set second.”

    It doesn’t seem to be working and I am interested to read what the article says

  • fixed. apologies

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