peHUB Second Opinion 09.26

Network: Why you should build your own CEO club.

No Brainer: Negative sentiment about the economy affects the economy.

Jason Calacanis: What’s your primary consumption device?

Irreverent: Google bid “pi” for Nortel patents and lost.

Busted: Fox News apologizes for reading fake newspaper headlines about Chicago QB Jay Cutler.

Slowdown: Apple is cutting supply chain orders by 25%.

Seriously: Chelsea Clinton has joined the board of Barry Diller’s IAC.

Unveiled: The new iPhone packs 1GB of RAM and other nifty new features.

Paul Allen: Google+ has 43.4 million users.

Building Up: Zynga brings CityVille to Google+.

Moneyball By Product: Michael Lewis’ Liar’s Poker is finally coming to the big screen.

We Knew This: Study finds that traders are more reckless than psychopaths.

No Steroid Testing: Carlyle’s Dave Rubenstein gives us his top 10 reasons to work in PE.


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