peHUB Second Opinion 1.19

Today, Goldman employees learn the size of their annual bonuses. And many are dreading the big reveal.

Meanwhile, another insider trading case begins to unfold.

Google’s Larry Page says free food encourages people to eat less. (We find that hard to believe, but that’s what he says.)

Also: Google reports earnings. So does Microsoft. And Intel.

In massive copyright case, the government kills Megaupload for hosting pirated media, and seven employees have been arrested.

Hollywood “moguls” say they’re boycotting Obama. “He should have stayed neutral” on SOPA.

Speaking of which: Here are rough estimates of how much Google, Twitter, and other Internet heavyweights would lose if they shut down for a day.

Jay-Z and Warren Buffett are, like, totally BFFs.

The not-so-secret hangouts of Silicon Valley VCs.

Bruce Springsteen has an angry new song. Check it out here.

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