Kindara raises $370,000

Kindara has secured $370,000 in new investment. Kindara makes apps and devices that help women get better results with their reproductive health.


We are stoked! Last week we closed $370,000 in new investment, which is about half of the funding round we’re currently raising!

We’ve just announced this funding round on AngelList (You’ll notice some exciting new product plans on our profile) – please help us spread the news by following us and sharing us with your followers:

The majority of this investment came from our amazing current investors; however we did add some very smart new folks whom we’re *delighted* to have on our team (check AngelList to see who – and follow and share us while you’re there).

This next year is going to be a breakout year for us and the whole team here is excited about what we’ve got in store! Here’s what’s happening these days at Kindara:

Our Big Audacious Goal is to close a total of $750,000 by the end of the year. We’re going to use the money to bring our first hardware product to market in early 2014 :) We’ve got over $400k committed already, and are working to close out the rest.

Half way there…

• This is an exciting round for us – these funds will propel our first hardware device to market, generating significant revenue and setting the stage for our future products.
• If you have friends or colleagues interested in connected devices or women’s health, send them our way :)

We’re currently focused on the the following major goals:
• Meeting our funding goal by the end of the year.
• Increase first week user engagement with our app by a further 10%.
• Finish the design and factory selection for our hardware device.

Our pregnancy rate is increasing – we’re now responsible for an average of 40 successful conceptions every DAY!

Our pregnancy rate has increased by over 50% in the last few months
• The prediction we added in the last version of Kindara is working its magic.
• Coming up, we’ve got some great social features that our users are going to love. User generated content here we come :)

Kindara users are some of the most engaged app users anywhere. Most of them use the app every single day or multiple times per day.

Not as addictive as Facebook, but we’re getting there
• Most of our users use Kindara every day and we’re focusing on making the app even more engaging and fun.
• Our engaged users will get first dibs when we launch our hardware device next year.

We’re making progress on getting more and more positive ratings and reviews:

Ratings per week since the spring
• We’re currently maintaining a superb 4.8 out of 5 star rating in the App Store
• Next up we’re planning a big change to our customer support infrastructure aimed at reducing response times and improving customer satisfaction even further.

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