Accel leads Trufa Series A

Trufa has secured a $4.5 million Series A investment led by Accel Partners, which will be used for further product development and expansion into new markets. As part of the investment, enterprise software veterans Paul Wahl and Alex Ott are joining Trufa’s board.


Trufa today announces a $4.5 million Series A investment led by Accel Partners, which will be used for further product development and expansion into new markets. As part of the investment, enterprise software veterans Paul Wahl and Alex Ott are joining Trufa’s board.

Trufa develops predictive analytics applications which for the first time enable enterprises to analyze in real time vast amounts of operational data, identify opportunities for operational improvements and understand their impact on financial performance.

Today, enterprises store tremendous amounts of granular operational data in their ERP systems, but lack technical capabilities to analyze this data within a reasonable amount of time, instead relying on backwards-looking case studies and intuition to make operational improvement decisions whose ultimate impact on financial performance is difficult to track. The problem is enormous – a recent PriceWaterhouseCoopers study shows that global public companies can unlock close to $5 trillion of cash trapped in working capital via operational improvements. [1]

Trufa enables enterprises to finally connect operations and finance. The company leverages in-memory database technology to analyze unprecedented volumes of operational data, allowing customers to benefit from every piece of information in their ERP systems. Using Trufa’s applications, enterprises are able to understand root/cause relationships between their operational and financial metrics in granular detail, to prioritize operational initiatives based on their financial impact, and to measure the initiatives’ progress. Trufa thus helps customers to identify opportunities to reduce working capital and free up cash, understand how meaningful these opportunities can be under a variety of scenarios, and to track the progress of projects resulting from the analysis. All of this is done in real-time on a tablet, without a staff of data scientists and after no more than one week of initial data integration.

A team of seasoned industry veterans from Lawson, SAP and VMS AG, with strong expertise in ERP systems and data analytics developed the solution. “Enterprises store vast amounts of valuable data that can help improve operational efficiency and therefore financial performance”, said Ralph Treitz, CEO of Trufa. “We are excited to offer our customers a solution that takes the guessing game out of operational improvement initiatives, replacing intuition with data. Our One Week Integration Challenge and tablet delivery complete Trufa’s new approach to operational data and decision making.”

Bruce Golden, Partner at Accel Partners, who will be joining the board of Trufa, said “Trufa is addressing a major industry problem with a solution that can have a tremendous impact on a company’s financial performance. We look forward to working with this world-class team on transforming operational decision-making and building a global software leader.”

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[1] Global Working Capital Annual Review 2013 (

About Trufa
Founded to help companies improve their operational efficiency, Trufa uses the latest advances in big data technology to enable granular analysis of operational data in real time and predict the financial impact of operational improvements. These insights allow executives to prioritize operational improvement initiatives and track their progress, thus linking operational and financial metrics. The company was founded by veteran enterprise software executives from SAP, Lawson and VMS and is based in Heidelberg, Germany.

For more information, visit: Follow us on Twitter at @GetTrufa

About Accel Partners
Founded in 1983, Accel Partners has a long history of partnering with outstanding entrepreneurs and management teams to build world-class businesses. Accel today invests globally using dedicated teams and market-specific strategies for local geographies, with offices in Palo Alto, London, New York City and Bangalore, as well as in China via its partnership with IDG-Accel. Accel has invested in over 500 companies, many of which have defined their categories, including Angry Birds (Rovio), Atlassian, Cloudera, ComScore, Dropbox, Facebook, Groupon, Imperva, Kayak, Playfish, QlikTech, Spotify, Supercell, and Wonga. For more information, visit the Accel Partners web site at find us on Facebook at

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