Datanyze racks up $2 mln seed

Datanyze said Tuesday that it has closed $2 million in seed funding. IDG Ventures led the round with participation from Google Ventures, Mark Cuban, AngelList, Gil Penchina, Neeraj Agrawal, Jeff Epstein and Kyle York. Based in San Mateo, Calif., Datanyze is a provider of sales prospecting solutions.


Seed investing moves online: VCJ

There is little doubt AngelList is a disruptive force with the potential to transform seed and early-stage investing over the next several years, according to affiliate magazine Venture Capital Journal. But it will do so in ways not usually boldfaced on blogs or prophesied on conference panels.

first read April 29

peHUB First Read

This morning First Read brings you a list of the top venture firms by exit activity, Tailwind Capital Partners halfway to fund II and some insight into venture debt still playing a significant role in the industry.


Satago secures second round funding

UK-based start-up Satago has secured $1 million in second round funding from private investors. Most of the investment came via AngelList, a US website that connects angel investors to startups. Satago is a platform that automates companies’ accounts receivable.


Maiden Lane to close initial fund – Fortune

According to Fortune, a new fund of fund Maiden Lane is set to close its debut fund at between $20 million and $25 million. The outlet reported that the fund will back syndicates and companies tied to the startup network AngelList. The LPs include Top Tier Capital Partners and Venture Investment Associates. And although Maiden Lane is “not officially part of AngelList,” one of its partners is Kevin Laws, current COO of AngelList.

Calacanis launches his Launch fund, starts AngelList syndicate

Entrepreneur Jason Calacanis announced today in his blog the closing of his first formal angel investing fund, called The LAUNCH Fund I, named after his conferences and events. The fund, which has already made investments, raised $250,000 each from David Sacks (founder and CEO of Yammer and with PayPal before that) and Calacanis to back winners of the LAUNCH Festival. Calacanis said in a blog post that the fund grew, thanks to investments from “a list of my good friends.” He added, “We are leaving it up to the LPs to disclose that they’re in the fund, if they want to.” Pehub previously reported that the size of the fund is $10 million.

Rock Health, AngelList partner to help fund accelerator’s fifth class

San Francisco-based Rock Health, which operates an accelerator focused on digital health startups, announced today a partnership with AngelList to setup a fund for accredited investors to back the organization’s graduating class of startups. More information about the 10 companies in the fifth and latest graduating class, which are on display today at Rock Health’s headquarters, can be found here.


Seed Round Valuations Could Fall, Says AngelList’s Ravikant

Accelerators play the role of launch pads for startups, giving them advice, hands-on instruction, visibility and money. They also help contribute to a funding gap that has opened up between concept stage companies and those advanced enough to seek formal seed rounds of funding.

Trigger Raises Seed Funding

Trigger, which offers a mobile development framework specifically targeted at web developers rather than existing mobile teams, has raised $1 million in seed round of funding. Funds have been raised through AngelList. Investors include Paul Graham, SV Angel, 500 Startups, Russ Siegelman, Steven Walske, RightVentures, Venture51 and John Taysom. PRESS RELEASE New service, Trigger, today […]

His Brand Burnished, Naval Ravikant Plans New Fund with Babak Nivi

Since AngelList emerged on the scene eight months ago, many have speculated how its founders, Naval Ravikant and Babak Nivi, plan to monetize the service, which vets startups for accredited investors. In June, the Journal even speculated that beyond giving the pair access to companies they might personally want to fund that AngelList helps them to “indirectly market” guides to negotiating a funding round that the two authored some time ago.

Yesterday, Ravikant told me that his ambitions are unsurprisingly more substantial than selling “$10 PDFs” that they also “give away liberally.” Indeed, three years after Ravikant raised a $20 million, social media-focused fund from investors called Hit Forge, he and Nivi are looking to raise a new fund “in the range” of $40 million next year. “We’ll see how much money people throw at me,” he says with a laugh.

Quora Underscores The Power of “AngelList”

For a brief period on Friday afternoon, Quora, the Benchmark-backed question-and-answer site, went down, and the digerati lit up with Twittersphere with questions about when the service would be reinstated. The answer, it turned out, was quickly.

Still, given Silicon Valley’s love of Quora, it’s unsurprising that one of its most popular question-and-answer threads in recent weeks has centered on: What do people think of AngelList?

Turns out the list, created by the “advice site” for entrepreneurs, VentureHacks, is considered indispensable, according to the 55 people who’d responded to the question as of this afternoon, many of them well-known investors like Dave McClure and Jon Callaghan of True Ventures.

It’s not surprising, given that the directory of more than 100 angels includes many of their likes, dislikes, and how best to reach out to them — information the investors provide in return for exclusive information about startups that have been vetted by VentureHacks itself. The feedback is worth reading all the same.

Because it’s so extensive, I’m publishing just the first five answers from respondents, but take a look at the original thread if you have time.

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