Woof! Woof! The 10 Biggest Dogs in UTIMCO’s Portfolio (slideshow)

After bringing you two slideshows that focused on the best-performing funds backed by the University of Texas Management Co., it’s time to “keep it real” by sharing the biggest losers.

(PeHUB subscribers can see our two previous slideshows here: UTIMCO in 17 Active Funds with IRRs > 25%Union Square, Other Early Stage Tech VCs Kick Ass for UTIMCO.)

We took a look at returns for all of UTIMCO’s active funds and found 10 that were at least a decade old and had negative internal rates of return as of May 31. The university pension fund invested a total of $176.2 million in those vehicles. In return, UTIMCO has received cash distributions of just $55.7 million (or less than one-third of what it put in). And it has no hope …

El Dorado, Crescendo Win With Compellent Sale to Dell

Dell, this morning, finally got its consolation prize.

On Monday, Dell reached a deal to buy Compellent, a data storage provider, for about $820 million, or $27.75 a share.

The deal, which was announced last week, is expected to close in early 2011. Dell, the world’s third-largest personal computer maker, is expected to use the acquisition to expand its data center offering. Compellent will give Dell technology that helps customers store, recover and manage large amounts of data, according to Bloomberg.


VC Zombies: Crescendo Ventures

Crescendo Ventures Crescendo Ventures began raising its fifth fund in late 2001, less than a year after holding a $640 million final close on its fourth fund. Limited partners balked at another new fund so quickly, saying that Crescendo was investing too fast—20 deals in 2000, including many questionable investments in telecom. Investors also weren’t […]

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