peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Apple’s next special event will take place on Sept. 9, the next iPhone will likely have its own payment platform and how to figure out if that VC firm you are talking to is a zombie fund.


peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, nearly two-thirds of the U.S. population uses a smartphone, Apple’s secret eBay store returns, the potato salad Kickstarter surpasses $40K and our hearts go out to Brazil at the World Cup semifinal.


peHUB Second Opinion

In Second Opinion, Gmail launched 10 years ago today, Jawbone buys, how Google fumbled Glass and why co-investing is more likely to produce poor returns.


peHUB Second Opinion

To start your weekend, La Quinta is the third hotel chain Blackstone is taking public, Amazon denies that its working up a free, ad-supported TV and music-video service and why does someone want to follow Rob Ford around with a tuba.

1996 Reuters photo of Nobel literature laureate Seamus Heaney of Ireland

peHUB Second Opinion 8.30

Today’s Second Opinion has news about continued market turmoil due to concerns about a U.S. attack on Syria, Apple launching an iPhone trade-in program, Google buying a smartwatch maker, the merits of a Lego Room for employees, and lots more.

peHUB First Read

This morning’s First Read takes a look at who’s still active in the early stage biotech space, Sony’s move into the cloud and five years of iPhone reviews.

peHUB First Read

Take a pause this morning to click through to the latest news from peHUB’s First Read which includes Silicon Valley Bank’s UK launch, China’s National Social Security Fund boosting PE investments and how to become a 19 year old VC associate.

Black Friday A Hit, But Not For Mobile Transactions

Maybe you weren’t fighting for your life on the grounds of a Wal-Mart last Friday. But neither did you whip out your mobile phone and shop like there was no tomorrow. According to data assembled today by ThreatMetrix, just 3 percent of Black Friday sales were transacted through mobile phones. As interestingly, the bulk of […]

Question of the Week: Who’s Buying the iPhone 4S?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

Who wants the new iPhone?

That’s what we want to know. Last week, Apple fans suffered a major let down after the long-awaited iPhone 5 didn’t materialize. Steve Jobs then passed away and the twittersphere nearly blew up from all the emotion and fanboy tributes.

This week, the focus is back on the iPhone 4S, which has been getting some great reviews. The standout feature is Siri, the …

Paul Grim: Sprint Bets the iFarm

Here we go again. Repeatedly, Sprint has tried to bet the farm (and failed) in its quest to remain relevant. They bet the farm on Nextel, then Wi-Max and Clearwire, then all-you-can-eat plans, and all along on wholesale/MVNO. Frankly, it’s amazing they have any farm left to bet – having lost 80% of their market […]

peHUB First Read

Not Nearly Enough! McGraw-Hill investors call for a breakup

The iPhone is Coming! The iPhone is coming! Newer, cheaper!

Fallin’ Short: CalSTRS is having trouble funding its pension

Who’s to blame for our downgrade?

Big Ol’ Loud Crazy Irene: Hurricane season is back—plank up those windows

To the Yún! Microsoft partners with China on cloud computing

Back at It: SecondMarket’s campaign continues, as they court startups to coordinate employee participation on the secondary market (which, for the record, is probably a good idea)

Come Out Swingin’: Nine companies that crushed bigger competition

Question of the Week: Which Would You Buy — White iPhone 4 or iPhone 5?

Create your free online surveys with SurveyMonkey, the world’s leading questionnaire tool.

The white iPhone 4 seems like the unicorn of Apple’s trove of gadgets.

We hear about it, we think we’ve seen one (Steve Jobs apparently appeared on stage with one last summer), but the white iPhone 4 has yet to show up in stores.

The latest news on the long-awaited whit iPhone 4 is that it will be released this spring. No word on exactly when that will be. It’s been several months since Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 (last June to be exact). The white version apparently has been beset with manufacturing problems.


iPhone Apps: Windows, Facebook or Flying Toasters

Will the iPhone platform help anyone make money? The underlying questions are 1) What is a platform? 2) Is the iPhone a platform or just a fun piece of hardware?

Last year Facebook evolved from an application to a platform enabling a gold rush of investment in application vendors and new venture funds focused on monetizing the new platform.

Presumably being a platform is better than being an application, as anybody old enough to remember the Flying Toaster screensaver can attest. After near-ubiquity in the PC era, Wes Boyd and better half Joan Blades (who would later go on to found in 1997 sold Berkeley Systems — including its Flying Toaster application — for a reported $13.7 million. In 2008 dollars, this would be a Series A. Applications were not a way to make money in the 1990s.

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