New Poll: Are You Scared?

With the recent rash of bad news, as well as ongoing problems like the European debt crisis, we’re wondering how you feel about the business climate for the second half of the year. Please let us know by taking our quick poll.

Poll Results: Nearly 59% Believe Boston is the King of East Coast VC

So, who’s tops in the East Coast VC debate? Beantown took the hardware this time.

By a pretty sizeable margin, in fact, Boston legged out New York in peHUB’s weekly poll. On Thursday, we asked: Which of the two cities reigns supreme as the capital of East Coast VC?

Nearly 59%, of respondents picked our neighbors to the north while only 41.5% chose New York. The responses, however, foreshadow that the Big Apple could one day…

Poll Results: Nearly Two-Thirds Thankful for Their Health but 11% Glad for the McRib’s Return

What are you thankful for?

That was the question we posed to our readers this Thanksgiving holiday. The poll generated a bigger response than I expected. I really thought everyone would be too busy eating, watching football or resting on their couch to vote.

Anyway, it turns out that 59.1% of voters are most thankful for their or their family’s health. Roughly one-fifth, or 18.2%, is happy they have a job. The surprise vote? Nearly 11% are thankful that the McRib is back. And 4.5% are glad the IPO window has opened up a bit.

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