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To end your week, First Read has news that a federal judge has ordered the IRS to explain under oath how it lost emails, Marc Andreessen’s summer reading list and sex workers are the secret entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley.

First read Feb 24

peHUB First Read

Catch up on the latest headlines after the long weekend including hiring plans at New Jersey and NYC Office of the Comptroller, Kayne Anderson closing a new senior credit fund and Silicon Valley retains its venture crown.


peHUB First Read

First Read tops up your work week with all kinds of news about the economy, including the disastrous Q1 numbers, strange firings at PandoDaily and new evidence of the dangers of fracking chemicals.


Venrock hires former Versant Ventures exec Samuels as partner

Venrock has hired Camille Samuels and Doug Dooley in the firm’s Palo Alto office. Samuels, a former managing director at Versant Ventures, joins as a partner to focus on biotech and consumer health, while expanding her focus into healthcare companies. Dooley, formerly an entrepreneur, will focus on infrastructure technologies and cloud-centric software.

Ben Smith: When The Hardest Thing To Do Is Nothing

The hardest thing for entrepreneurs to do is nothing. These Type A personalities have a deep need to act. But great things don’t come along all that often, and picking projects carefully may be the best advice in today’s excitable technology markets.

Q3 VC Deals Surge in NY, Texas and Northwest, But Falter in New England, LA and Midwest (slideshow)

Venture capitalists in general wrote fewer checks in the third quarter, but investment enthusiasm varied widely from region to region. New York, Texas and the Pacific Northwest logged strong performances, despite an overall 12% decline in dollars going to startups nationwide, according to a peHUB analysis of MoneyTree Report data. New England, the Midwest, the […]


Making a Case for More Candor at Startups

In an age where seemingly everyone in the startup community now blogs, tweets and leaks his or her news, stretching the truth has become de rigueur. But I’d argue that it’s creating distrust; it’s also distorting the way that founders, the real engine of Silicon Valley, see the world.

What can be done about it, if anything? Earlier today, I asked neuroscientist and best-selling author Sam Harris, whose new Kindle essay, “Lying,” explores our fundamental inclination to lie and self-promote. Our conversation has been edited for length.

Q: In your essay, you say your interest in lying was piqued as a Stanford freshman in a popular ethics course. What was so life-changing about it?

A: The course is surprisingly simple in its format and content. Basically, 10 people sit around giving [professor] Ron Howard — a pioneer in management science — examples of lies they think worth telling, and he just …

Silicon Valley Remains King Of Venture As New York Gains On New England

Silicon Valley is tops–no doubt about it. But back East, there’s a fight shaping up for the country’s second-best VC city. However, a close examination of first quarter data show Silicon Valley regained ground as the center of the venture business while New York continued to give New England a run for its money. The […]

Yuri Milner Said To Purchase $70M Silicon Valley Home

I couldn’t help reposting the news from Michael Arrington’s TechCrunch blog that Russian investor Yuri Milner purchased a $70 million home in Silicon Valley. This isn’t because the news is surprising. It’s not a shock that Milner would want a base of operations in California’s venture heartland. This founder of the Moscow investment firm DST […]

Plug & Play Expands Its Overseas Reach

The Plug and Play Tech Center is expanding its overseas reach. Next up: building stronger ties with some of America’s top universities. Saeed Amidi, chief executive of the Silicon Valley incubator, said that last year, 60 companies from Europe, Asia and other parts of the world spent three months at Plug and Play’s facilities, as […]


Moritz on Great Entrepreneurs, Cleantech, 25 Years at Sequoia, Valuations, More

Remarkable founders don’t come across as “silvery tongued devils,” says Michael Moritz of Sequoia Capital. Rather, they’re often shy, quiet and rather withdrawn. That was one of the observations Moritz made last night in a one-hour Q&A at startup incubator Kicklabs. The Xconomy-hosted event was provocatively titled “Michael Moritz Unplugged,” but the star VC didn’t […]

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