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This morning read all about how to manage partner selection in venture capital syndicates, Vertical Venture Partners reaching a first close of its debut vehicle and where to get your 2014 employee compensation data.


peHUB First Read

Happy Thanksgiving to those of you reading today… there’s still a bit of news out there to be circulated including Shore Capital’s fundraising plans, KKR backing Indian drugmaker Gland Pharma and UTIMCO’s big buyout climber.

Top 10 Posts this Week Focus on San Francisco Shindig Photos, Connecticut’s Hits and Misses and Ben Smith’s Take on Entrepreneurship

You just love to look at yourself, don’t you? Photos of our recent San Francisco Shindig were by far the most popular post on peHUB this week, judging by pageviews from our regular readers. Other top posts included Connecticut’s biggest hits and misses with PE and VC investments, Ben Smith’s take on entrepreneurship and Halsey Minor’s reflections on Steve Jobs.

ONE: Shindig Photos: Lookin’ Good, San Francisco!by Lawrence Aragon
TWO: Connecticut’s Biggest PE/VC Hits and Misses (slideshow)by David Toll
THREE: Ben Smith: There’s More to the Startup Game than a Post-Exit Payday. It’s Called Fishingby Ben Smith
FOUR: SLIDESHOW: Ivy League Endowments – Who Did Best In FY2011? (subscribers only) – by Gregory Roth
FIVE: Ex-Houlihan Bankers Launch Firm to Target Technology & Services Companies in Luisa Beltran
SIX: Woof! Woof! The 10 Biggest Dogs in UTIMCO’s Portfolio (slideshow) (subscribers only) – by Lawrence Aragon
SEVEN: Halsey Minor: What Steve Jobs Taught Meby Halsey Minor
EIGHT: Lynn Tilton Didn’t Get Her Reality Show But Will Be on 20/20 This Weekby Luisa Beltran
NINE: Q3 VC Deals Surge in NY, Texas and Northwest, But Falter in New England, LA and Midwest (slideshow)by Mark Boslet
TEN: RockPort Feels Pain from Betting Big on Solyndra, Going ‘All In’ on Cleantechby Nichola Groom and Sarah McBride, Reuters

Top 10 Posts Focus on UTIMCO’s Biggest ‘Dogs,’ Top Ivy League Endowments and Carlyle’s Next Generation

What was hot on peHUB last week? The 10 stories that garnered the most pageviews from regular readers from Oct. 17 to Oct. 21 included posts about the biggest “dogs” in UTIMCO’s portfolio, the best-performing Ivy League Endowments and Carlyle’s next generation of leaders.

ONE: Woof! Woof! The 10 Biggest Dogs in UTIMCO’s Portfolio (slideshow)by Lawrence Aragon
TWO: SLIDESHOW: Ivy League Endowments – Who Did Best In FY2011?by Gregory Roth
THREE: SLIDESHOW: A Look At Carlyle’s Next Generationby Bernard Vaughan
FOUR: Colorado PERA’s 10 Biggest Venture Capital Bets: Slideshowby Mark Boslet
FIVE: How Rotten Behavior by One Buyout Shop Spoiled an Opportunity for All Other PE Firmsby Luisa Beltran
SIX: SLIDESHOW: Top 10 European Buyout Funds Investing in U.S. 2010-Nowby Angela Sormani
SEVEN: Top 10 Deals in Q3 MoneyTree Raised $1B Combined–Slideshowby Alastair Goldfisher
EIGHT: CrunchFund Wasn’t the Only Newbie Fund Raised in Q3; Here Are 18 Others (slideshow) (subscribers only) – by Lawrence Aragon
NINE: Purchase Price Multiples Grew In Q3: Reportby Steve Bills
TEN: Infographic: LP Temptation To Cross To the Dark Sideby David Toll

Union Square Closes on $116M for Third Early Stage Fund, Has Commitments for Rest

Union Square Ventures has closed on more than half of a new, $200 million early stage fund, raising $116.5 million of fresh capital, according to a filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Rumors of the close began to spread last week, with two sources close to the company confirming the commitments. The SEC filing says another $83.5 million of the firm’s third early stage fund remains to be spoken for, though one source said it too has been sold. Sources say Union Square drew its capital from existing LPs with few if any new investors invited.

The apparent ease of the fundraising isn’t surprising given the success of Union Square’s first two early stage funds. Those funds invested in a number of notable Internet companies, including Twitter …

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