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19 Buyout Pros on Forbes “Richest Americans” List

Forbes released its annual list of the 400 Richest Americans and while slightly less filthy rich than years past, buyout pros were still well-represented. Carl Icahn was the top LBO professional on the list at number 22. Rob Perelman came in second at number 23.

Blackstone Chief Steven Schwarzman clocked in as the third-richest buyout pro at number 50 with a new worth of $4.7 billion

Rival Henry Kravis of KKR appeared 27 slots later with a net worth of $3.8 billion. George Roberts, the “R” in KKR, weighs in at number 85. (I guess that’s what you get when your name is last on the marquee.)

Every single one of the 19 buyout pros on the list have seen their net worth drop in the past year. While their investments may have suffered in the recession, their fees and carried interest from boom eras past ensured that the leveraged buyout community was well-represented on the list.  Judging by my unscientific observation, the number of buyout pros on the list tops VCs and possibly ties hedge fund pros. (Entrepreneurs is a different story.) Follow the jump for the richest LBO barons in America.

22: Carl Icahn
Net Worth $10,500 million

23: Ronald Perelman
Net Worth $10,000 million

50: Stephen Schwarzman – CEO/Founder of Blackstone
Net Worth $4,700 million

77: Henry Kravis – Founder of KKR
Net Worth $3,800 million

#85 George Roberts – Founder of KKR
Net Worth $3,500 million

#94 Ronald Burkle – Founder of Yucaipa
Net Worth $3,200 million

#123 Three-way tie between the Co-founders of Carlyle Group: William Conway Jr., Daniel D’Aniello, and David Rubenstein.
Net Worth $2,500 million

#147 Tom Gores – Platinum Equity
Net Worth $2,200 million

#158 Leon Black – Apollo Management
Net Worth $2,000 million

#158 Peter Peterson – Blackstone Group
Net Worth $2,000 million

#196 Wilbur Ross – W.L. Ross & Co.
Net Worth $1,800 million

#204 David Bonderman – TPG
Net Worth $1,700 million

#220 Alec Gores – Gores Group
Net Worth $1,600 million’

#317 Thomas H. Lee – THL Partners (former)
Net Worth $1,250 million

#347 Theodore Forstmann – Forstmann Little (former)
Net Worth $1,100 million

#366 Hamilton E. (Tony) James – Blackstone Group
Net Worth $1,050 million

#366 Nelson Peltz – Triarc
Net Worth $1,050 million

#371 Thomas Hicks – Hicks Muse (former)
Net Worth $1,000 million


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