From the Filings

What follows is a set of VC funding items culled from recent Regulation D filings with the SEC. None of these deals has been otherwise announced:

Sermo Inc., a Cambridge, Mass.-based online aggregator of healthcare information, has raised $25 million in Series C funding. Legg Mason was joined by return backers Longworth Venture Partners and Softbank Capital.

CareFx Corp., a Scottsdale, Ariz.-based integrator of clinical healthcare applications, has raised $17.85 million in Series C funding. Carlyle Venture Partners led the deal, and was joined by return backers like UV Partners. The filing does not mention other shareholders, but the company previously raised around $20 million from firms like UV Partners, Appian Ventures, CB Health Ventures, Solstice Capital, Grayhawk Venture Partners, Highway 12 Ventures and Village Ventures.

Computer Resolutions Inc., a Shelton, Conn.-based IT systems integrator and consultant, has raised $10 million in Series A funding from Commonwealth Capital Ventures and Sigma Partners. The company also has added Howard Pavony, former president and CEO of MTM Technologies (Nasdaq: MTMC), although it’s unclear what his position in (he’s not yet listed on the company website).

Spotlight Surgical Inc., a San Francisco-based developer of medical visualization software, has raised around $7.42 million in Series B funding led by Attractor Ventures.

CoVi Technologies Inc., an Austin, Texas-based provider of high-definition video surveillance solutions, has raised $4.01 million in Series 1 funding. Listed shareholders include Centennial Ventures, Oak Investment Partners, WaldenVC Walden International and Polycom Inc. The company previously had raised around $57 million since 2003.

NanoCor Therapeutics Inc., a Chapel Hill, N.C.-based developer of an intracellular genetic protein therapy for the treatment of chronic heart failure, has raised $3.75 million in Series B funding. Shareholders include Medtronic Inc. and former parent company Asklepios Biopharmaceutical Inc.

Polychromix Inc., a Wilmington, Mass.-based developer of modular optical subsystem solutions for optical networking and molecular spectroscopy, has raised around $2.9 million in Series D funding. Company shareholders include Lighthouse Capital Partners, Navigator Technology Ventures, Siemens Venture Capital, Seed Capital Partners and Vanguard Ventures.

Positive Energy Inc. has raised around $1.55 million in Series A funding led by MHS Capital Partners. The Arlington, Va.-based company describes itself thusly: “Positive Energy’s revolutionary product is designed to target the half of the global warming equation that not enough people are looking at—efficiency and energy demand. Our approach rests on a sophisticated technology platform to power behavioral science and targeted direct marketing to dramatically drive down consumption. And the government and utilities in this country are listening and signing up.”

World Vital Records Inc., a Provo, Utah–based online aggregator of genealogy information, has raised around $1.2 million in Series A funding. Backers include vSpring Capital, Provo Labs and TTP Capital Advisors (Japan).

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