Our most popular post this week was about, the new/fake ecommerce company that sells t-shirts about VCs to VCs. For example, you can get a shirt says: “You had me at nanotech,” or “Your idea made me puke in my mouth a little.”

In the spirit of Friday, I put out a call in this morning’s email for PE-centric sayings (which often are similar to VC-centric ones). Maybe we’ll make some actual shirts with the best suggestions, and give them away at the next peHUB Shindig. Here’s what’s come in so far:

“Taxes? That’s what poor people are for”
“My leverage is bigger than yours”

“Got Stone Crabs?”
“We’re top quartile, just like everyone else”
“This t-shirt was proprietary” 

“I don’t buy t-shirts at auction”
“Covenants are for CHUMPS”

“My shirt is top quartile.”

“I ♥ Dividend Recaps”

“I’ll take the 15% tax rate on that carry”

“Giants beating the Pats?  Better chance of Bain buying Clear Channel”

“Recession 2008: There’s never been a better time to lay some PIPE”

“Hockey sticks make me horny”

Submit yours in the comment section below, or send me an email

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