peHUB First Read

Cofee* Chrysler is providing Cerberus with all sorts of unwelcome publicity and scrutiny.

* An analyst calls Rupert Murdoch’s Dow Jones acquisition a dud

* Neel Kashkari: Sexiest moneyman alive?

* Morning call: All eyes on Citi, as U.S. futures are up nearly 4%, European shares are up, Nikkei gains nearly 3% and talk of a Chinese rate cut boosts Hong Kong.

* The rise of the journo-gurus.

* In mourning over the death of PC World’s print version, Technologizer presents the 12 greatest defunt tech mags.

* Javier Rojas of Kennet Capital: The art of the bootstrap.

* Is Kleiner Perkins dialing up activity in Boston?

* Executive bonuses spur real estate investment which spurs infrastructure development. In other words, let those bonuses keep rising (yes, this is a parody).

* Ken Moelis tries to find opportunity amid the wreckage.

* Wallstrip on bailouts. Special appearance by ex-host Lindsay Campbell, whose follow-up gig just got the boot from CBS: