U.S. VCs Predict That 2009 Will Kind of Suck

The National Venture Capital Association this morning released its third-annual “Predictions Survey,” and the VCs polled aren’t anticipating their best year ever.

Among the survey’s findings:

* 92 percent of VCs predict a slowdown of investments.

* 61 percent think the decline will be more than 10 percent, and that capital committed will fall below $27 billion in 2009.

* 53 percent say they’ll invest in the same or more companies next year, though they’ll invest less money across the board.

* 48 percent of VCs polled said they thought the clean tech sector would see the most growth in 2009.

* 79 percent of VCs said investment in the semiconductor industry will be way down next year.

* 71 percent of respondents said there’d be a slowdown in media-related investments.

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