Siguler Guff Is On A Roll: Russian Fund Also Approaching Target

Last week, peHUB reported on two Siguler Guff funds-of-funds that are in the final stages of fundraising: It’s second BRIC fund-of-funds and its third distressed fund-of-funds.

The former is within $100 million of its target; the latter has crossed its target by $800 million. Not bad for a crappy market, although massive interest in distressed investing has surely helped.

Today we learned of one more Siguler Guff fund, which has the majority of its commitments in the bank: Russia Partners III. The vehicle, which makes direct equity and equity-like investments, bills itself as “one of the largest pure private equity presences in Russia and the Former Soviet Union.”

Russia Partners III has raised $586.12 million in commitments from 37 investors, according to an SEC filing. The fund has a target of $750 million.

The firm has been investing in Russia since 1991. Prior funds were raised in 1994 and 2004, with $155 million and $335 million in commitments, respectively. For more on the history of the fund, view it’s website.

Drew Guff and Vladimir Andrienko lead the fund’s investment activities.

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