Mark Cuban Fined $25K for Twitter Trash Talk

Internet billionaire and Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was filed $25,000 over the weekend for “tweeting” his thoughts about the elbow that Denver Nuggets player J.R. Smith threw at the Maverick’s Antoine Wright.

Cuban appears to have kept his sense of humor about the fine, though it strikes me as ludicrous, given the relatively innocuous nature of his comments (and frankly, footage that suggests that he was right).

Twitter Post 1:

how do they not call a tech on JR Smith for coming off the bench to taunt our player on the ground ?

Post 2:

scary part of that play: Same crew chief from game in Denver where they missed call – last play of the game & 1st JRSmith/Wright issue.

Post 3:

just found out got fined25k by nba.) nice

Post 4:

can’t say no one makes money from twitter now. the nba does )

Post 5:

how much fun would it be if it could twitter whatever i wanted during mavs game. Fun, but expensive :).

Post 6:

Cuban — who made his fortune when he sold Broadcom to Yahoo for nearly $6 billion in Yahoo stock in 1999 — has been outspokenly criticizing NBA calls for years, and has amassed close to $2 million in fines as a result. A few years ago, ESPN even ran chronology of those fines and the absurdly funny reasons behind them.  You can find it here.


  • Just to be clear, Cuban was fined by the NBA, and it doesn’t matter that he was right. They like to punish him cause he has the money. The real question is when is he gonna do something else with his money besides support a basketball team that is barely making the playoffs.

  • It was, not Broadcom.

  • Oops, I think the post should say “who made his fortune when he sold to Yahoo” instead of Broadcom.. unless Mark Cuban is starting to diversify his investments into semiconductors

  • right, thanks to you both. post is fixed.

  • Mark Cuban is an arrogant, unprofessional fool. He is the only owner that stands in the huddle during time-outs, as if he knows anything about basketball. Firing Avery Johnson blew up in his face and was a horrible decision right when his team was close to being a winner. Then he did the worst trade in history for Jason Kidd. Now all he can do is complain about the calls. He should get rid of his soft, no-defense players and start from scratch, or just hire a real GM and stop pretending he knows what he’s doing.

  • Interesting that Cuban picks the one incident that he feels could have given his team the extra assistance that the Mavs needed to tie the game. Instead, the refs stayed out of the last 30 seconds of the game and let the players decide the outcome.

    And of course, Cuban didn’t have a problem with the rest of the box score of that game and the fact that Denver was called for 15 more fouls than Dallas and Dallas shot 14 more free throws. I guess the refs did a pretty good job calling that game in Mr. Cuban’s view, except for that last 30 seconds.

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