Pyxis Raises $3 Million

Pyxis Technology Inc., an Austin, Texas-based provider of auto-routing software for IC developers, has raised $3 million in third-round funding. Return backers include Austin Ventures, CMEA Ventures, Formative Ventures and KT Venture Group.


Pyxis Technology, Inc., an electronic design automation software (EDA) company that offers auto-routing software to developers of high-performance integrated circuits (ICs), has raised $3.0 million in financing to accelerate the deployment of its new High-performance Custom (HPC) routing product, NexusRoute-HPC. Investors participating in this financing include Austin Ventures, CMEA Ventures, Formative Ventures and KT Venture Group.


“There is a dire need for automation in chip finishing, high-performance digital and analog design flows”, said Jim Solomon, Pyxis board member and founder of Cadence Design Systems. “The next great battleground in EDA is the custom design arena. Pyxis NexusRoute-HPC is an OpenAccess-based plug-and-play routing technology that, when coupled with today’s leading physical layout editors and placement technology, enables groundbreaking custom design flow productivity”


“We’ve seen significant demand for our NexusRoute family of routing products, which also includes NexusRoute-SOC, our flagship product designed for high-performance digital standard-cell and block-based designs at 45nm and below”, said Phil Bishop, CEO of Pyxis Technology. “NexusRoute-HPC is generating revenue for us today and will extend our performance advantages to designers of high-performance custom IC’s. The newly-raised capital enables us to extend our market leadership by accelerating our sales and marketing efforts.”


“Over the last year we have seen a steady increase in sales activity from key semiconductor suppliers that are aggressively moving to advanced process technologies”, said Brian Connors, general partner of Formative Ventures, one of the firms investing in this financing. “Pyxis Technology’s new strategic shift into the custom design arena provides an outstanding opportunity to capitalize on their proven world-class technology while expanding upon their sales momentum.”


“The Integration of NexusRoute-HPC with our Laker Layout System holds great promise for improving custom layout automation”, said Scott Sandler, president of SpringSoft USA. “SpringSoft is working with Pyxis and customers to show how this new high-performance routing technology, coupled with an advanced custom layout system, helps them create better layout with less effort.”


About Pyxis

Pyxis Technology delivers software solutions to address the problems that chip designers and foundries face in the physical design, layout, and routing of nanometer-scale integrated custom design circuits (IC’s) and systems on a chip (SoC’s). Pyxis NexusRoute-HPC is a next-generation custom design routing technology architected to support the needs of today’s digital and analog custom designers. NexusRoute-HPC reduces design time from weeks to hours by providing highly automated hierarchical custom routing and an integrated “what-if” analysis capability. Pyxis NexusRoute-SOC is a next-generation SoC digital routing technology optimized for advanced technologies 45nm and below. All NexusRoute technology is based on open, industry-standard interfaces and is easily integrated into existing industry leading design flows. For more information, see


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