The Latest Salvo In Jonathan Abrams’ War Against Evite

Pretty much since its 2007 founding, event-sharing site Socializr has been at war with 11-year-old Evite, which remains popular with users despite few upgrades since being acquired by IAC in 2001. For example, just months after Socializr was launched by Jonathan Abrams — also the creator of social-networking site Friendster — Evite sent the San Francisco-based startup a letter threatening to sue it for copyright infringement.

Not only was Evite’s letter ”completely absurd,” as Abrams told me at the time, but soon after, he wrote a scathing 2,500 diatribe against Evite explicating why — an attack that was picked up by numerous media outlets and that is still available here.

Whether Socializr has gained much ground on Evite in the last two years remains a question, although I hope so (its offering really is far superior).

Either way, it’s clear Abrams has developed a sense of humor about the seemingly intractable Goliath he still faces. Among the growing assembly of URLs he owns is and, now, — destinations that respectively list, yes, links to stories and blogs dedicated to why Evite sucks, and alternatives to Evite, including Socializr competitors like Pingg that are also struggling to gain mindshare from Evite.

I emailed Abrams tonight to get some more data about Socializr, as well as to ask what other URLs he might pick up for his own entertainment and ours. (I suggested, which has yet to be scooped up by anyone.) I haven’t heard back from him yet, but I’ll update this post if and when I do.


  • I’ve never heard of these evite alternatives, and THAT’s the problem! Evite has a great name that says what it does, and even tho I agree that its features are limited, as a user it does basically what i want it to do, which is to invite people to events! if Abrams has a better mousetrap, he needs to find some better ways of publicizing it.

  • If you focus on your competitors rather than your own product, it’s no surprise that your potential customers will too.

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