Westec Intelligent Buys Vyne

Westec Intelligent Surveillance, a Dallas-based provider of remote video monitoring services, has acquired Vyne Industries, an Atlanta-based provider of video surveillance and monitoring solutions for the quick-service restaurant industry. Westec recently raised $20 million from Argonaut Private Equity, Egis Capital Partners and return backers like Clarity Partners.

Westec Intelligent Surveillance, the nation’s largest remote video monitoring company, announced today that it has acquired Atlanta-based Vyne Industries, a video surveillance and monitoring company focused on the Quick Service Restaurant (QSR) industry. This deal is the next calculated step for Westec, who received $20M in growth funding earlier this year.

With the acquisition of Vyne, Westec will now be the only nationally approved surveillance vendor serving both Burger King and McDonald’s, among several other leading QSR brands. Specifically, the Vyne acquisition provides Westec additional capabilities to serve QSRs owned and operated by franchisees, complementing Westec’s strength of serving corporate locations for leading brands including Jack in the Box, Dairy Queen, Chick-fil-A, and Hardee’s.

With crime on the rise in this difficult economy, QSRs are turning to the latest innovations and techniques in video surveillance to keep employees and customers safe. With the acquisition of Vyne, franchisee owners and operators will now benefit from Westec’s advanced monitoring technology. Westec is the only security provider to offer two-way audio connections directly into the locations they monitor allowing video monitoring specialists to “talk” and interact with potential thieves. The human element of interactive voice, along with Westec’s advanced video technology, has proven extremely effective at preventing crimes and accelerating police response times, as well as providing improved accuracy when an incident does take place.

“With the addition of Vyne, Westec now offers the leading solution for corporate locations as well as compelling packages tailored specifically for a brand’s franchisee owner/operators,” said Kelby Hagar. “This acquisition gives our customers the best of both worlds to fully satisfy the needs of their brands.”

“We see joining forces with Westec as excellent synergy,” said Darrell Reed former President of Vyne Industries and current VP National Sales at Westec. Westec has excellent national market penetration and will offer previous Vyne customers top-of-the line interactive services specifically tailored to the issues facing the QSR category today.”

About Westec Intelligent Surveillance

The pioneer of interactive video monitoring, Westec delivers the industry’s only intelligent business monitoring solution serving Fortune 500 companies and smaller owner/operators throughout the U.S. Its strategic business solutions help leading retailers, restaurants and other companies improve operations and profits through intelligent business monitoring services. For more information on Westec Intelligent Surveillance, visit www.westec.net.

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