Must-Read Tribute to Rajeev Motwani, One Week After His Fatal Accident

Silicon Valley was abuzz last Friday over the tragic death of Stanford professor Rajeev Motwani, an early and longtime advisor to Google and a mentor and angel investor to dozens of other startups over the last decade.

Motwani, who apparently drowned in the pool of his family’s home in Atherton, has received many tributes since his passing, including that of Google cofounder Sergey Brin, who wrote about Motwani on his blog last Friday evening.

Calling him his “teacher and good friend,” Brin wrote that “of all the faculty at Stanford, it is with Rajeev that I have stayed the closest and I will miss him dearly.” At the same time, wrote Brin, “[H]is legacy and personality live on in the students, projects, and companies he has touched. Today, whenever you use a piece of technology, there is a good chance a little bit of Rajeev Motwani is behind it.”

Many news reports about Motwani’s life, career, and impact on the world around him have followed over the last week, but I just finished reading what I think may be the best news piece written about him to date, published this afternoon by the San Jose Mercury News.

“It wasn’t like Rajeev Motwani to be late without calling or texting. But here were Kaboodle’s two founders at Junnoon Indian restaurant in Palo Alto, checking their iPhones and looking over their shoulders as each person walked in,” it begins.

You can read the rest of the piece here.