Steve Jobs May be in Memphis

Apple CEO Steve Jobs lives at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in a swank part of downtown Memphis in a yellow house with white trim and a pool in the backyard. Or maybe he doesn’t.

One thing is now for certain, he was in Tennessee for a liver transplant. The Wall Street Journal has the story. We first reported that the Apple CEO was there on April 15.

Like everything associated with the world’s most-secretive CEO, his whereabouts in the week Apple reports earnings have the air of mystery you’d expect to see in an episode of The X-Files.

His location is so secret, in fact, Apple’s public relations team doesn’t even know where he is. “I don’t have that information,” Steve Dowling told me two months ago. “Steve is on a medical leave of absence and there’s nothing further to say.”

But residents of a small Memphis neighborhood are convinced that Steve Jobs has moved in to their quiet loop of houses.

The level-headed people in this neighborhood include attorneys, an art dealer and even a substantial donor to the Al Gore campaign. It is, in many ways, a bastion of blue in an otherwise red state. Their large houses sit well off the street, shaded by old-growth trees.

Perhaps most importantly, the neighborhood is close to several major medical institutions.

The neighbors’ evidence of Jobs’ presence doesn’t exactly lead to an indictment. It consists of hearsay, strange sightings and a sense of wonder at the goings on at the 7,500 square foot mansion.

The mansion, built in 1914, has undergone substantial renovation since it was purchased last month. “I thought the house had flooded and the roof had caved in or something,” one neighborhood resident says. “There was an inordinate number of workers there. There’s been large crews preparing this house for someone.”

Among the renovations? Upgraded security. “Whoever “bought” the house installed video cameras in the trees and there is a security guard in a white jeep,” says another neighborhood resident. “It’s been very secretive.”

Normally, it’s pretty easy to find out who lives next door, even without walking up and knocking on their door. You can look it up in county records.

Not so with the mystery mansion.

The deed to the house hasn’t been processed by the assessor yet, as it was sold just last month to the new tenant, but a state official gave me the name of a limited liability corporation (LLC) listed on the deed.

The LLC traces back to a Memphis law firm that deals with property matters. The lawyer responsible for the transaction won’t say if the house belongs to Steve Jobs. “I have no comment and I do not know,” he says.

The realtor, who worked with the law firm on the sale, says she doesn’t know who bought the house. She worked exclusively with the lawyers.  Did they mention a large corporate client, or somebody from California? “Nobody told me anything,” she says of the sales process. “Everybody in Memphis has come up with a story on who bought that house,” she says.

Maybe it’s a small community, but somehow everyone seems to have come up with the same story: It’s Steve Jobs.

It could be wishful thinking on the part of the families that live in the 22-house division. Nobody has actually seen Steve Jobs in the neighborhood, after all.

Then again, one resident says she saw Jobs’ wife Laurene Powell walking with two other women on the sidewalk two weekends in a row. Is she sure it was her? Not positive, but after looking at a picture of Mrs. Jobs, she said he was 80% certain.

He may not be at that specific house, but he certainly has been in Tennessee.


  • Wow with all of your resources, you most definitely have found Waldo by now! In fact you look like Waldo, except Waldo would most likely mind his business and not hound people like some deranged attention seeking child! Hurry and find Elvis, I hear he lives in Steve’s basement!

  • Thank you for this fact-filled report. With such empirical evidence such as this, the truth behind your story is a complete lock.

    I bet your hedge fund buddies must be proud.

  • @brujogarza: oh hey, right, jobs isn’t important. he’s just the ceo of … APPLE.. and his health is only the MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS STORY IN TECH RIGHT NOW. But hey, wouldn’t want to you know, ask for Apple to be straight with us about his health. Sorry bud, that’s not how it works around here. If you want that kind of deference shown to your leaders, you should move… to North Korea.

  • @Brian. You can take off the tin-foil helmet now, jackass. Jobs is in Tennesee, according to the Journal, and this report tells us where. So sit and spin.

  • > and his health is only the MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS STORY IN TECH RIGHT NOW

    Most imporant story in tech? If that’s true, “Tech” must be in trouble… :)

    Ole Steve is going to bite the dust at some point, just like the rest of us. The world will keep
    spinning afterward and Apple will roll along just fine.

    Ideas are important, they outlive their creators…

  • If Jobs did get his transplant in Memphis, why? Is Memphis a transplant center? I would think Vanderbilt Univ Hospital would be more highly rated.

  • If I bought a new Jet, I might want to stick close to the maintenance facility for a while till the “kinks” were worked out. Same thing if I had a new Rolls. Might want to be sure a dealership was nearby to handle the little stuff that does crop up. And if Mr. Jobs has a new liver, and he’s on anti-rejection drugs, etc., he just might want to be close to the place that he got it for obvious reasons. The man is obviously fighting for his life. Why? We do not know nor do we need to know. He’s on Medical Leave and Apple and their stock is doing just fine without him. The doomsayers predictions have this time failed to become reality. Now leave the guy alone, let him get used to his new organ and perhaps allow the docs to do their collective jobs – unhindered by the press. One can only hope both Steve and his wife are doing okay and the effort has been successful. Money cannot buy happiness, but it can buy a nice comfortable life and if that’s what he’s doing for himself – so be it! To quote Spock – Live long and Prosper Mr. Jobs. Live long and prosper.

  • Memphis has a world class endocrinology center at St. Jude, but I’d bet he went to Methodist North in downtown Memphis. Methodist is among the highest success rates for liver transplants in the U.S. and a number of regional bigwigs have work done there.

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  • If Steve Jobs had a liver transplant in Memphis he probably went to the main transplant center at Methodist University Hospital. That is where the doctors are all located. I know because I am assigned to the same center.

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  • I grew up next door to that house. It is in “midtown” NOT “downtown.” Leave the dude alone.

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