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Cofee* CIT = SAVED

* LPs step up: WSJ reports that investors in Citi’s $3.4 billion infrastructure fund have voted to stop new investments, after several high-profile deal collapses and co-head Michael Froman’s departure for the Obama Administration. In similar news, The FT reports that LPs in Nordwind Capital have blocked a proposed investment in the U.S. in-vitro fertilization clinic market, saying that it violates the German turnaround firm’s investment strategy.

* David Weinberger: Transparency is the new objectivity.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures up after CIT rescue, London rises early, European shares rise on banks and pharma, the Nikkei gains 0.6% despite political worries and Hong Kong hits 10-month closing high.

* Steve Lohr: The crowd is wise, when it’s focused.

* Nate Silver challenges all climate change skeptics 

* Q&A with new AOL boss Tim Armstrong, including discussion of the revived/refocused AOL Ventures.

* Why toxic assets are so hard to clean.

* Your online analytics software might be undercounting Twitter referrals by up to 500%.

* Tom Slee googles Barbie (again). As an aside, I assume you don’t capitalize “google” when used as a verb. Correct?

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  • Two observations:

    1) Since GI Joe has a movie, can Barbie be far behind? “Legally Plastic” anyone?

    2) Properly, it is not “climate change” skeptic, but “AGW” skeptic. No one disagrees that the climate changes, they just disagree about the causes. Please note in the article that neither party is actually talking about tracking the averages, which would be more representative, just the up or down days – this is about eyeballs, not science.

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