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Cofee* The downfall of Washington Mutual: On Sept 24, 2008, Washington Mutual had bidders banging down its doors. Less than 24 hours later, it had federal regulators nailing them shut.

* Startups rise from the wreckage of New York’s financial system.

* So you want to be a junior VC? Healy Jones has some pointers.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London rises early, European shares flatten, the Nikkei gains 1.5% and both Hong Kong and Shanghai jump. CIT expected to file for bankruptcy within the next several days.

* The Economist: “The buy-out barons say the worst is over. They would.”

* Could credit default swaps be the death savior of AIG?

* The gun sale boom has subsided. Bad news for Cerberus-backed Freedom Group, which recently filed for an IPO. Good news for deer.

* Law firm mergers: Who is the biggest of them all?

* Microgrids: A $2.1 billion market in the making?

* Xconomy: 10 New England high-tech financings you haven’t heard about yet.

* Chris Cramer, Reuters’ global editor of multimedia, recently gave a speech before the Association of Online Publishers, about content, convergence and creativity. It almost sounds as if he’s describing peHUB…

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