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CofeeCIT goes for broke, leaving small businesses to worry

* Move over Cayman Islands. Shove off Switzerland. The world’s most secretive financial jurisdiction (read: tax haven) is… Delaware!

* Skype stuff: Om reports that the VoIP giant and its founders could be nearing a legal resolution, thus shaving the hair off that pending $2.75 billion carveout. The Mercury News reports on some damaging emails from former Joost CEO, and current Index Ventures partner, Mike Volpi. Ian Andrew Bell wonders if SIP could save Skype.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures signal rebound after Friday selloff, London rises early, European shares drift lower, the Nikkei keeps dropping and China shares gain on strong earnings.

* Fitch: The refinancing cliff is frightening

* Big business keeps hoarding cash

* The Top 10 Internet memes of 2009

* Will U.S. private equity firms storm UK bank vaults?

* The many drivers of a private equity investment

* Daniel Indiviglio: A bailout for corporate pensions?

* Andy Kessler on the trouble with insider trading. Includes a line about how “we can argue whether insider trading should be legal or not.” Absurd that this topic has devolved into something up for debate.

* The complete guide to New England business plan competitions.

* TechCrunch boss Michael Arrington takes on Offerpal Media chief Anu Shukla, over the issue of “special offers” that look to monetize social games via what Arrington believes are unethical means:

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  • Update: Anu Shukla lost her job as CEO today (11/05)

    Guess she regrets using such foul language now

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