peHUB First Read

Cofee* Hanna Rosin: Did Christianity cause the crash?

* Roger Ehrenberg: Rethinking the Wall Street business model.

* The back-story of Sittercity and, including whether the alleged VC shenanigans are legit.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares slip, the Nikkei hits a 4-month low and China shares slump.

* The 50 favorite stocks of hedge funds

* The Kauffman Foundation’s Carl Schramm and Harold Bradley write in BusinessWeek about how “venture capital lost its way,” arguing that a quick-flip mentality has replaced the building of sustainable businesses. It looks that way — investing in Web 2.0 “products,” expecially — but weren’t VCs also quick-flipping a decade ago via IPOs? 

* Gary Weiss on what’s needed in DC:

The president clearly has a problem. He needs to forget about process for a moment and focus on leadership, and send a message that the status quo is over. I can think of no better way of doing that then by appointing a snorting, red-eyed bull to some kind of position of power—it doesn’t matter where—to get the Street back on track, get bonuses in line with sanity, light a fire under the regulatory apparatus, and above all to convince the public that the markets are in good hands. For that job, I nominate Eliot Spitzer.

* Tweet of the Day: @cgasparino Heard from a source: Lloyd Blankfein’s so disgusted with the media right now that he’s stopped reading the papers, period* Andrew Ross Sorkin: Beware the results of outrage

* The 100 best quotes from The Wire (NSFW)

* How to get the best price when selling a business