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Cofee* Trouble in UK buyout land: PAI Partners gets investor approval to cut its fund size by 50%, while Candover has extended its standstill agreement for new deals.

* Coffee Wars: Green Mountain and Peet’s battle for K-Cup control

* David Lerner: What VCs do and don’t like to see when looking at university spinouts

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls earlyEuropean shares retreat, the Nikkei surges, Hong Kong loses 0.8% and China shares gain.

* Mark Suster: Is strategic money an oxymoron?

* Carbon funds grow despite problems

* Does pharma corruption mean that scientists are about to become the new Hollywood villains?

* Supply & Demand: On Sept. 26, more students took the LSATs than ever before. Problem is, there aren’t enough law firms to absorb all the wannbes.

* Evolution of the hipster decade

* Does Yahoo have a price list for spying on criminal suspects?

* James Freeman: The Supreme case against Sarbanes-Oxley

* Bloomberg LP deviates from its core biz, by producing evaluation software for pro baseball teams.

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