peHUB First Read

CofeeHow Roger Ehernberg invests: “I look at everything as a limit: “What does this (company/sector) look like at infinity?”

* Pensions & Investments: The pay-to-play private placement scandal was the top institutional investment story of the year.

* The Aughts: Niall Ferguson says it was a decade in which the world tilted east. Paul Krugman calls it The Big Zero.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures flat with all eyes on airlines, European shares rise in thin trade, the Nikkei hits a four-month closing high and Hong Kong shares drop after a gov’t land auction.

* Todd Dagres: The entrepreneur’s 12 days of fundraising

* Joe Weisenthal: Why Tim Geithner should have bested Bernanke for Person of the Year honors.

* Peter Kafka: AT&T has stopped selling iPhones to New York metro customers via its website, but the various explanations and theories don’t add up.

* Xconomy tries to understand why European wireless company Orange shut its labs in Cambridge, Massachusetts: “It was rooted… both in cultural differences between the lab’s American engineers and their British and French overseers, and in textbook organizational frictions and rivalries that prevented most Orange Labs initiatives from maturing into products that could be deployed to actual Orange customers.”

* An escaped convict continues to update his Facebook page.

* JibJab says goodbye to 2009:

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