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Cofee* David Beisel: A majority of VCs are above-average

* Marc Cenedella: We have become a white collar nation, and that’s okay

* Android or iPhone? Bill Gurley argues that it’s the wrong question to ask

* PE firms keep hiring financial services pros, but not necessarily to buy up failing U.S. banks

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower ahead of ADP data, London slips early, European shares fall on oil, the Nikkei keeps rising despite JAL and Hong Kong gains on exporters

* Q&A with PIMCO’s Bill Gross

* Martha White: Does boycotting big banks make sense?

* Yet another Boston-area VC firm is looking to shed the suburbs

* Paul Murphy: How much trouble is Prince Alwaleed’s Kingdom Holding actually in?

* Tweet of the Day: @herbgreenberg: Going public is a right not a privilege. And w/it companies subject themselves to indy scrutiny — like it or not!

* Blog wars: Dear John Thain vs. Charlie Gasparino

* Ben Parr: 5 entrepreneurship trends to watch out for in 2010

* The final days of Tavern on the Green:

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