The VC-Backed IPO Pipeline

There has been lots made of the past year’s anemic VC-backed IPO market, but let’s leave the past behind and look at what could be coming up over the liquidity horizon.

Our records indicate that there are 28 VC-backed companies currently in registration to price IPOs on U.S. exchanges, representing more than $3.75 billion in targeted raise. 

More than half of the registrations occured last quarter, but there’s one from 2008 and even a pair from 2007. Also worth noting that for all the talk of 2010 being the year of the social network-related IPO (Facebook? LinkedIn? Zynga?), no such company is currently in registration. Closest we get are a pair of online marketing/advertising companies. Get the full lot of them below, in alphabetical order:

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  • Anyone can file to go public, you should spend more time writing IPO’s that close not file.

  • It’s going to be an interesting year. Especially with the recent success of SharesPost and SecondMarket providing an additional option to the companies considering registering.

  • The volumes in the secondary market are small and i think most trades involve Facebook or Twitter, this does not provide for a lot of liquidity and will not replace IPO’s.

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  • Would it be possible to provide these companies as linked lists on the main page instead of slow slideshows….across the site adoption of this change to present slideshows as lists would be much appreciated. Thanks!

  • I concur with bob’s first comment about closings rather than filings, and FastReader’s requet for a list.

    W/r/t Digital Domain, at this point, I think you can consider the company’s plan to go public scrapped:

    My two cents.

  • Just to clarify, on slide 22, it says “Argonaut Ventures” invested in Solyndra. I think this should be “Argonaut Private Equity” – the two firms appear to be different. Argonaut Ventures seems exclusively focused on healthcare related investments.

  • According to Renaissance Capital, there were only 12 VC-backed IPOs in 2009, but 21 VC-backed comapanies filed for IPOs in the last 4 months of the year. So we should see an uptick in VC-backed IPO volume for 2010.

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