Verari Systems Founder Buys The Company

Verari Systems, a San Diego-based provider of data center consolidation platforms, said that most of its assets have been purchased by company founder David Driggers. No financial terms were disclosed. 

Verari laid off most of its employees last month, as part of what the company called a “controlled reorganization.” It had raised over $80 million in VC funding, from firms like Celerity Partners, Carlyle Venture Partners, Sierra Ventures and Voyager Capital.


David Driggers, the original Founder of Verari Systems, Inc., a premier developer of independent blade-based computing and storage platforms for conventional and modular data centers, today announced the successful acquisition of substantially all of Verari Systems’ corporate and intellectual property assets by an Investment Group led by Driggers.

With the purchase of substantially all of the assets, Mr. Driggers is re-starting the Verari engine this week. The new company, Verari Technologies, will focus on blade-based high-performance computing solutions, modular containerized data centers and blade-based storage development efforts. In addition, the Investment Group purchased all of Verari’s inventory, equipment and technologies and is offering immediate support to past Verari Systems’ customers.

“We have the opportunity to go back to our roots of being a consulting company that heavily partners to deliver custom solutions for our customers,” says David Driggers. “The ‘new Verari’ is going to build stronger partnerships with our customers while delivering the solutions they require. I’m a strong believer that companies are more successful when they listen and collaborate with their customers.”

Mr. Driggers led an investment group that purchased all of Verari’s patents and intellectual property assets including the company’s patented Vertical Cooling Technology, BladeRack architecture and modular data center patents. Verari’s award-winning FOREST containers are one of the industry’s best selling portable data center solutions. The containers, as well as Verari’s BladeRack architecture, utilize Verari’s patented Vertical Cooling Technology to increase energy efficiency while reducing a customer’s energy bills.

“You’re going to see a concerted effort on our part to license and promote these unique technologies,” states Mr. Driggers. “With the ever increasing compute and storage issues our customers are facing today, I believe we are going to be well positioned to help them solve even the most demanding challenges.”

About Verari Technologies

Verari Technologies, Inc. is a premier developer of energy efficient data center platforms utilizing independent blade-based compute and storage solutions that are defining a new era in the green data center. Verari is a growing market leader in blade storage and energy efficient platforms. To learn more about Verari and its unique solutions, please visit