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Cofee* Private equity’s most famous breakups

* Don Peck: How a new jobless era will transform America

* Andrew Ross Sorkin on why it’s been so hard to sue the credit rating agencies that signed off — or gave glowing “opinions” — on those bubbly subprime bundles.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early on banks, European shares climb and the Nikkei gains 0.2 percent.

* Hank Paulson’s proposed bank fix

* David Skok: Designing startup metrics to drive successful behavior

* Rob Go calls Harrison Metal Capital “the hottest VC no one has ever heard of.”

* Remember that hand gesture-based interface used by Tom Cruise in Minority Report? Well, the folks who created it for the film are now tryingt to create it for real.

* When Fox News runs out of living politicians to bash Obama’s economic policies, it turns to people dressed up as dead ones.

* Speaking of Fox, Charlie Gasparino is expected to join its Biz channel. Makes sense, given that FBN has been looking for a Gasparino-type (and Faber-type) since launch.

* New angel investment platforms: One for biotech entrepreneurs in the Pacific Northwest and an IT one from Iliad founder Xavier Niel and founder Jeremie Berrebi.

* NCWIT posts a series of audio interviews with female IT entrepreneurs

* Tweet of the Day: @howardlindzon Now that gmail of $goog has gone all social, how long before employers start banning gmail?

* Adam Bernhard, CEO of HauteLook, says that consolidation is likely within the designer online retail space:

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