Better Know A VC District

I was playing around in our VC funding database, and noticed that I could do searches by Congressional districts. So I decided to look at which districts had secured the most VC funding since the 111th Congress was sworn in on January 7, 2008.

My metric was # of companies funded, as opposed to total amount invested. I felt this was a better gauge of VC-backed startup activity, and less likely to be skewed by one or two big deals. Here you go:

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  • you are a data parsing virtuoso. this is cool. (we’ll look for the video interviews in a future installment.)

  • Dumb luck. Forrest Gumps. This is happening despite the Democratic party affiliation not because of it. The Democrats have been oblivious if not hostile to the needs of the venture capital industry including wanting to dramatically change the compensation incentives for GPs, adding massive amounts of social spending overhead and the associated mandates and payroll taxes to the startup equation, and recklessly spending in a way that will undoubtedly bring about future austerity measures at the macro level in the U.S.

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