peHUB First Read

* A strong argument against passing the Startup Visa Act, and an even stronger rebuttal.

* Stocks rise when celebs take board seats: “If E*Trade had simply named Lindsay Lohan a director instead of mocking her in its incredibly cute baby commercials, the company might be booming right now.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London falls early, European shares pare losses, the Nikkei keeps climbing and China shares hit 3-week high.

* Why China is an incubator for female billionaires

* Preqin: Private equity performance improved in Q3

* Sim Simeonov: 10 rules for better founding teams

* Mark Gimein: What the Mafia can teach us about corporate fraud

* Fat startups vs lean startups? Lee Hower says they’re both right.

* Tommy Hilfiger on weathering the ups and downs of retail fashion: “Keep the heritage of the brand intact.”

* Barry Ritholtz on what he wants to see out of financial reform

* Text of Tim Geithner’s speech yesterday in favor of financial reform (and in front of the conservative American Enterprise Institute)

* Our Boston Shindig is one week from tomorrow night, so get your tickets now. Tickets also are on sale for our San Francisco Shindig, which takes place on April 14.

* Man teaches an alpaca to surf (why not?):

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