peHUB First Read

* Silicon Valley has lost its “best workplace” luster.

* How J.C. Flowers is compensating new employee John Corzine

* A private equity firms plans to build a nationwide 4G wireless network to challenge AT&T and Verizon

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares rises on miners and Vodafone, the Nikkei falls on ex-dividend effect and Hong Kong shares gain.

* Mark Suster: Don’t be a grin fucker

* Jim Robinson: 10 predictions before the world ends in December 2012

* Oliver Stone on Michael Lewis’ conspiracy theory for why the Wall Street sequel was bumped.

* Bain & Company: “Most companies already believe that information technology goals must be aligned with business goals to create value. Yet far fewer understand that alignment alone doesn’t guarantee improved business performance. In fact, it can be a trap.”

* Tweet of the Day: @pkedrosky Were I Chris Dodd I would ban angels altogether. Then move onto faeries, leprechauns and bridge trolls. Their time is over.

* The Daryl Hall revival

* The Active Network stops for overhaul, after a decade of acquisitions

* Michael Arrington: Our online reputations are dead. It’s time to overlook (or even embrace) our indiscretions

* Why Facebook can’t be careless about location-sharing (unless, as Reid Hoffman suggests, privacy is just an old person’s concern).

* Rich Wong of Accel Partners on the future of mobile:

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