Apple Issues iPad Warning After Doerr Fender Bender

Two days before the highly anticipated launch of its iPad, Apple Computer issued a warning to consumers that they “should not iPad and drive at the same time.”

The warning came after venture capitalists John Doerr and Steve Jurvetson were involved in an iPad-related fender bender earlier today.

According to a Menlo Park police report, Doerr was driving his Segway to a meeting at Draper Fisher Jurvetson when he took his eyes off the road to read an incoming email on his iPad, which he had mounted atop his Segway. At the same time, Jurvetson was backing out his Tesla Roadster, when it collided with the Segway. Jurvetson later confessed to police that he didn’t look over his shoulder before he started backing out because he was too busy updating his Flickr account on his iPad.

Doerr was not injured in the fender bender, but police were called after a scuffle broke out between Doerr and Jurvetson. Doerr’s iPad was damaged during the accident, and he demanded that Jurvetson give him his, according to the police report.

Police said they when they arrived they heard Doerr yelling: “I have touched it, I’ve held it, caressed it.”

The report also stated that Jurvetson was threatening to launch a rocket, which he had in the trunk of his Tesla, if Doerr persisted in trying to take his iPad.

If you’ve read this far into the story, you really are an April Fool.

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