peHUB First Read

* The 10 best “out of office” replies

* Wishing you were in Beverly Hills for the Predator’s Ball Milken Conference. It may be small solace, but panel videos are now online.

* Police raid the home of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen, apparently related to the 4G iPhone episode. Will the shield law protect him? And, for those journalists siding with Apple on this: If a Goldman Sachs exec or White House staffer had left a confidential memo in a bar and you had picked it up, would you have simply returned it to Blankfein HQ or Pennsylvania Ave. without taking a peek? If you said yes, I don’t believe you.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures flatten, London falls early, European shares retreat, the Nikkei edges higher and China shares slip.

* Bionic eyes are coming! Bionic eyes are coming!

* Leon Black is crowned king of the junk bond rally

* Barbara James: How Nigeria should handle its sovereign wealth funds

* New data on UK venture capital points to smaller, less syndicated deals

* Snoopy gets a new master

* iPad gets its Oprah moment

* CalPERS CIO Joe Dear goes on TV (again) to talk about buyout fund fees. It’s going to be veeerrryyy interesting to see how he deals with KKR, given his history from back in Washington State:


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