peHUB Second Opinion 5.28.10

TARP: Fortune says all those tiny failures add up.

Google: It is launching its own trading floor. You’re free to take bets on whether a Google trading floor will be less “evil” than other trading floors. (Hat tip to Jim Ledbetter at

Market upheaval: SEC Commissioner Luis Aguilar says it is not something we should accept. In a great speech (full disclosure: he gave yours truly a shout-out) aptly analyzed by FT Alphaville’s Stacy-Marie Ishmael, Aguilar provides more tips on the philosophy of regulation.

Deepwater Horizon: The leak is fixed. Or maybe not. BP is not really sure.
Related: It’s hard to find out for sure when BP has banned the press from taking any photos or providing coverage.

AIA: Deal Journal says this deal will not save AIG.

The next financial crisis:
Harvard Professor Stein takes aim at the wind farms and clearinghouses that will destroy our economy in 2025.

The climate bill: Not dead; only resting.

Spain: Downgraded by Fitch today.

Aging: How an aging population changes politics.

iPad: Pictures of long (embarrassing) lines to buy it, queues created by uncool people around the world. Last I checked, we do have an Internet.
Related: The best iPhone apps that have yet to make it to the iPad.

Twitter: Surely you have book marked Venture Maven by now.

Making money: Drive author Daniel Pink on the connection between compensation and motivation.

Multitasking: Quit it. Harvard Business Review tells you how.

Test of the emergency broadcasting system: Dear peHUB readers: With the advent of Memorial Day weekend, my tour of duty at peHUB is now officially over. I’ve covered private equity on and off for 11 years – my first-ever source meeting as a baby financial journalist in 1999 was with a partner at Hellman & Friedman – but these three weeks engaging with you is the most fun I’ve had writing about it. It has been a terrific time to be deeply immersed in your world, with club deals, IPOs, fundraising and financial regulation changing all aspects of the industry. The reader feedback has been intelligent, engaging and of the highest consistent quality I’ve seen anywhere. Primack has assembled a great group of readers and I’m delighted to have spent time in your sphere. You can always continue to contact me through Twitter (like Primack!) right here.