peHUB Second Opinion 6.17

Keeping reporters from interviewing clean-up crews in the Gulf isn’t doing much to restore BP’s reputation, such as it was.

Google, Amazon, Skype and other tech titans write a love open letter to FCC chair Julius Genachowski.  

Okay, then, so much for that whole co-president idea. Just months after Owen Van Natta is fired from My Space, Jason Hirschhorn is pushed out, too.

Do you work for the government? Better stop raging on about that knucklehead you work for, at least over SMS. The Supreme Court just ruled you have no privacy rights when it comes to the electronic communications devices provided to you by Uncle Sam. 

Like Crocs for grownups and “body spray,” Sarbanes-Oxley slowly but surely gains acceptance.

Semi-lovable showbiz whore Donald Trump is pitching yet another reality series involving his family; this one centers on how to bring heirs who already have successful, independent lives of their own back to the family dynasty. (The follow up to this series finds the heirs back on some high-priced therapists’ couches.)