peHUB First Read

* How to ask for a raise in this economy

* Facebook asks its employees to hack the system. They succeed.

* KKR is nearing its New York listing, which means we should soon have a filing with compensation details

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares extend gains and the Nikkei rebounds.

* Katie Fehrenbacher: Why the world needs more Teslas

* Obama announces $2 billion in new gov’t funding for solar companies

* Daniel Gross: There’s good deflation and bad deflation. The question is which one could be coming.

* Jason Baptiste: Email newsletters are still serious business (you don’t have to tell us — the daily peHUB Wire email remains our big moneymaker)

* Alison Tudor: Chinese companies are snapping up Japanese firms at a faster pace than ever, creating angst and opportunity in equal measure throughout “Fortress Japan.”

* 3i Group has shuttered its India buyout group, and merged what remains with its infrastructure unit. Apparently the London-based firm figures there’s more opportunities in roads and bridges than in corporate takeovers.

* Hedge fund managers avoid big losses in first half of 2010

* Tweet of the Day: @mkapor Prince says Internet is over. Internet says Prince is over. You choose.

* Jordan Edmiston’s Scott Peters on media M&A:

* This Week in Venture Capital, with Zag founder Scott Painter:

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