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* The past decade’s top-paid CEOs

* David Beisel: Micro-VCs are all BFFs… forever?

* Philip Mirowski: The mortifying (and ongoing) response of economists to the financial crisis

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point higher, London rises early, European shares hit 5-week high, the Nikkei falls and Shanghai stocks snap win streak.

* Henry McCance: Four things great VCs do and four ideas to guide them 

* CB Insights finds serious shrinkage in the size of seed-stage deals in Boston and New York.

* Meeting marker: SEC chair Mary Shapiro will speak this morning on implementing new financial regs

* McKinsey & Co.: U.S. multinationals represent less than 1% of all U.S. companies, yet they accounted for 23% of U.S. private sector GDP in 2007

* Peter Morris: “Calculating returns on private equity is not a trivial issue. The most widely used measure, the IRR, is misleading and often overstates realised returns. This creates room for uncertainty, at best, and, at worst, manipulation.”

* Tweet of the Day: @mattfrehner I think that if I were a whistleblower, I would have no interest in taking my brown envelope to a media organization with a paywall.

* That was fast: Omniture founder Josh James is leaving Adobe at month’s end

* Next week’s peHUB Shindig in Atlanta is now sold out, but we do hope to open up a few more tickets soon. Get on the wait-list here.

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