peHUB First Read

* Michael Shnayerson: How Ponzi schemer Kenneth Starr lured his luminary clients

* Ryan McBride: How Eli Lilly let a billion dollar molecule slip away

* Connecticut wants hedge fund managers, and is making its case over lavish steak dinners

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares slide on banks and the Nikkei loses 2.1%

* Barnes & Noble is on the block

* “Pace of new troubles” slows for American Capital

* Catharine Rampell: Why is still feels like a recession

* Brian Wong may be the youngest entrepreneur to ever raise venture capital

* Shawn Tully: How Evercore has become the new force on Wall Street

* Brett Arends: U.S. companies may be sitting on record piles of cash, but they’re also racking up record debts.

* The Carlyle Group launches a Chinese-language website

* Jon Moulton on dealing with debt in the UK:

* Just because:

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