peHUB First Read

* Steve Rattner took the fifth

* KKR backs off CAA investment: “The town is too complex for me.”

* Om Malik: Google’s purchase of Slide “shows that Google not only has no idea what to do about social, but actually lacks the imagination to even think of anything worthwhile on its own.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London stays static, European shares edge higher and the Nikkei climbs 1.7%.

* The SEC gets set to open up the proxy process

* Brad Feld: How I think about seed investing as a VC

* John Patrick Pullen: How Mafia Wars can fix the media

* Keith Hennessey: How Obamanomics really compares to Clintonomics

* Tweet of the Day: @timcarville If Barnes & Noble winds up on the auction block, I plan to go to the sale, pretend I’m interested in buying it, use the bathroom, and leave.

* Tesla’s losses continue to climb (kind of like Tesla suggested they would)

* This Week in Venture Capital, with yours truly as guest:

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