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* Steve Schwarzman apologizes

* Barry Ritholtz: 2008 bailout counter-factual

* Scott Olsen: HP clearly didn’t think Mark Hurd was the superstar everyone else made him out to be. Or else they would have kept him.

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares retreat and the Nikkei edges higher.

* Private equity moves into Ramallah

* Female entrepreneurs talk about making it big

* Nomura: China currency reforms could start “financial big bang”

* D.M. Levine: The only thing costlier than a government-run prison is a privately-run prison

* Paul Ceglia still says he owns Facebook. His latest evidence is a copy of a $3,000 cashier’s check made out to Mark Zuckerberg.

* Fun with Dodd-Frank: “US manufacturers are mounting a lobbying campaign over a provision slipped into the financial reform legislation requiring companies to declare products containing minerals from the Democratic Republic of Congo.”

* The NYC bed bug crisis has a new victim

* Ryan McBride: The state of Massachusetts’ $1 billion life sciences initiative

* Tweet of the Day: @moorehn Bberg worries that Deutsche Bank’s best candidate for CEO is Indian…but should INSTEAD worry that he’s an i-banker.

* I was on CNBC earlier this morning, discussing the M&A market with Andrew Ross Sorkin. Mostly Potash talk. Do wish I had given a better answer when asked if Chinese companies were showing signs of buying up U.S. targets. Specifically, I should have pointed out that there’s a big example this morning:

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  • Schwarzmann said “innapropriate,” as opposed to “innapropriate and incorrect.” Haha, got to love the poor, mistreated, or should I say abused, no, tortured billionaires.

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