peHUB First Read

* Harry McCracken: The tragic death of practically everything

* Steven Davidoff: How innovations spread in deal-making

* Did negative blog sentiment get a Skype executive canned?

* Morning Call: U.S. futures edge higher, London rises early, European shares climb and the Nikkei gains 1.3%.

* Colin Barr: The unpoppable bond bubble

* Claire Poole: Dynegy buyout has juiced the market

* A robot lawn mower that can detect darting gophers

* Foursquare’s Dennis Crowley discusses Facebook Places

* Viva Route 128? Greg Huang thinks hardware might have a second act in Boston

* Pizza Hut (again) slashes prices

* Rebecca Dana: When the Golden Girls began in 1985, the three youngest characters were “roughly the same age as the Sex and the City women are today.”

* Tweet of the Day: @TheStalwart Before last night, I was really worried that not enough large internet companies had a service called “places.” Glad Facebook fixed that!

* Jon Stewart takes on Google:

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* Paul Kedrosky on the future of big VC and why tech can’t save the American economy:

(CORRECTION: The name Harry McCracken was misspelled as Henry McCracken in the original version of this story).

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