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Oops… here is the link to Thursday’s peHUB First Read

* How big companies can stop the brain drain

* Richard Florida: Where the next decade’s service jobs will be

* SVNGR founder Seth Priebatsch, after the lunch of Facebook Places: “I’m the only person in location who’s happy today.”

* Morning Call: U.S. futures point lower, London falls early, European shares retreat and the Nikkei hits a 15-month low.

* As the GOME turns…

* EA under fire, as new war game lets you play as The Taliban

* Lena Komileva: LIBOR volatility is the price of disrupted credit

* Josh Barrow: New Jersey’s pension misdeeds are real, but not unusual

* Tweet of the Day: @dougchia OK, who is spreading the nasty rumor that President Obama’s favorite fabric is Muslin?

* China’s new bestseller: “The Goldman Sachs Conspiracy”

* U.S. manufacturing is healthier than you might think:

* Trailer for The Inside Job, an upcoming doc on the financial crisis:

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